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Shengli oilfield

Shengli oil field is located in the north shore of the bohai sea in shandong province of the Yellow River delta region, mainly distributed in dongying, binzhou, Texas, jinan, weifang, zibo, liaocheng, yantai city, eight of the 28 county (district) within the territory of the main scope of work about 4.4 x 10 4 km 2, is China's second largest oilfield.

Detailed Cases Description
Scope of work across the dongying, shandong binzhou, Texas, jinan, weifang, zibo, liaocheng, yantai, eight city, 28 counties (area), the main part in dongying city in shandong province within the territory of the Yellow River estuary on both sides. According to the geological zoning, shandong province can find oil find gas sedimentary basin have jiyang, chang weifang diesel, glue lai, linqing, such as southwest five depression, with a total area of 6.1 square kilometers. At the same time, involved in the xinjiang tarim hetian acreage and risk exploration in junggar basin, the acreage contract area of about 4.3 square kilometers, of which obtaining the right of exploration or 12978.7 square km, acquire the right of exploration in junggar basin, 59965.5 square kilometers, the anhui hefei basin to the risk of exploration, and exploration right covers an area of 25312 square kilometers.