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Resistors for Railway application

Braking resistor of FLT is produced according to the newest electric standard. And our quality guarantee process includes material, function experiment to guarantee superior quality and high time standing of the product.

Detailed Product Description
FLT Resistors for railway application, include:

resistors for high speed trains,
resistors for EMU,
resistors for metro,
resistors for light rail vehicles,
and you are welcome to consult about the refurbishment for old rail traction resistors.

                           Outline construction characteristic

1, Adopting unique welding construction
On one hand, flake like resistance chip is very good to radiating
On the other hand, welding construction resistance chip makes passing current fairly stable
2,Unique connection between resistance chips
Shaking resistance, Adopting welding fixing method, porcelain interval between chips, shaking resistance function is fairly good.
3,Special characteristic of the resistance chip
3.1  Thermal capacity volume of the resistance chip is large
By using unique processing technology, efficient weight of the practical working resistor increased.
3.2 The structure of the resistor is very compacted, cost performance is high.
Because thermal capacity of the resistor is large, resistance chips needed by resistors of various specifications can be relatively reduced by number. In this way, it is good to save cost for customers, to increase cost performance and promote customers’ competition.
3.3 Manufacture tolerance of resistance chip can reach less than ±2%
Advanced and mature production line of resistance chips is adopted to guarantee resistance value of resistance chips produced to be precise. Error of resistance value doesn’t surpass ±2%
3.4 Insulation function of the resistance chip is strong
Unique insulation material can guarantee that the resistance chip has very good insulation function.
3.5 The resistance chip is firm and looks nice.
Unique welding method between resistance chips guarantee that the resistance chip is firm and looks nice.

Executive standard

IEC 60322---Rail way applications. Rail way train using electric installation. Regulation of open mode electric power resistor.
IEC 60529---Housing defense grade
IEC 61373---Rail way installation. Rolling vehicle installation. Attack and shake experiment.
NF F 16-101---Rail way train—burning function—material option
NF F 16-102---Rail way train—burning function—material option
DDENV 50121---Rail way applied electromagnetic compatibility
ISO 3744---Rail way train noise level



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