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Neutral Grounding Resistor & Control Cabinet

Functions of neutral point grounding resistor
Main functions of common resistor are as below:
●Using voltage range width: 0.33 - 110KV
●Fault current: 1 – 5000A
●Resistance value range width: 0.5 - 1500Ω
●Permitted through flow time: 5, 10, 30, 60 seconds, 10 minutes, continuous duty.
●Protection degree: IP20 – IP55, OK for both indoor and outdoor.
●Installation method: indoor, outdoor.
●Can assist installing insolating switch, breaker, CT, PT etc.
●Permitted temperature rising:
1. When rating time is 10 seconds, 30 seconds, 60 seconds, maximum temperature rising is 760℃

Detailed Product Description


Neutral grounding resistors

Neutral earthing resistors are mainly applied to the electric power systems under 110kv. One is the electric power distribution system which is composed by cable lines, with big fault capacitance and current (single-phase earthing). The other is the electric power system for electric power plant whose capacitance and current are little but to avoid the resonance. The former system is mostly low-resistance earthing, and the latter is high-resistance earthing. So neutral earthing resistors are especially suitable for urban electric networks, large industry garden, electric power plant, maritime electric power distribution system and large chemic enterprises,etc.

 Enclosed is our specifications for reference. We can also develop and design grounding resistors of various specifications according to customers special demands. If you have any demand, please dont hesitate to contact us, thanks a lot!

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