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Beijing-kowloon railway

North the Beijing west railway station across Beijing, tianjin, hebei, shandong, henan, and anhui, hubei, jiangxi, guangdong nine provincial administrative region of the 98 cities and counties, south to shenzhen, connection, Kowloon, Hong Kong, including built in the same period of tianjin to BaZhou and macheng wuhan to two link, and total length of 2553 km

Detailed Cases Description
Beijing is China's article 5 north and south of the main railway line, it north up the capital Beijing west railway station, the way to central city, capital operate, south to the special administrative region of Hong Kong Kowloon station, through nine provinces and cities, and total length of 2536 kilometers, the northern line after line area gently topography, southern part of tunnel dense. These wuzhi-shan tunnel total length of 4465 meters, all for the longest, also is at present in our country at present (by the end of 2006) cutting containing radioactive substances most tunnel. Beijing for double railway, diesel locomotive traction.